News from the KRA – Proposed Changes to Waste Management

Many members have complained to the KRA about fly-tipping in their neighbourhood, and we have brought this to the attention of our Councillors.

In tandem with this, Cllr Rod Ashford has provided the following update:

Surrey County Council are holding a public consultation regarding a Revised Waste Management plan that will affect us in Kingswood. The main points in the plan are:

  • Ending the free daily allowance of non-household waste
  • Closing Community Recycling Centers (CRCs) on two weekdays so all sites are open for five days a week
  • Restricting users of vans, trailers and pick-ups to larger CRCs only. Ensuring CRCs in Camberley and Farnham are only used by Surrey residents
  • Permanent closure of four smaller CRCs – Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham

Given the increase in fly tipping throughout our area since charges were introduced, stopping any free allowance for dumping non-household waste will surely increase fly-tipping on our streets and at our beauty spots.

Reigate and Banstead waste collection team have been working hard to remove the reported fly-tipping but the issue may also be exacerbated by the permanent closures of four smaller CRCs listed above as many reported fly-tipping are Builder related waste.

The KRA are urging all residents to take part in the public consultation at the Surrey County Council recycling website as follows;

Have your say here

The questionnaire will be live until 7th August.

For people who prefer to express an opinion on paper, copies of the questionnaire can be obtained by calling 03456 009 009 or texting 07860 053 456.

We do hope members will respond to the above Online Questionnaire and are also able to ask their friends and families to take part in the consultation and express their opinion on this serious issue.

Trust this assists.
The Kingswood Residents Association

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