ALERT: Post Redirection Fraud

One of our members asked us to share this unpleasant news as an alert to be vigilant.

Just a quick mail to let know that today I discovered that someone had effected a fraudulent redirection of mail from my house in Kingswood to an address in East London. Fortunately Royal Mail sent their usual letter of confirmation of the redirection by post to my home so was able to contact Royal Mail and have the redirection cancelled (it was due to start next week)

However the Royal Mail fraud department (who were really helpful) did tell me that payment for the redirection was made on line using a (fraudulent) Lloyds debit/credit card in my name.. I do not have an account with Lloyds…… !

This might be a one off or it could be a gang targeting our area again.

Residents might want to just double check that they are getting their post…

If you have any questions on this, please do get in touch with us at


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