For the last few years, we have had many complaints from Kingswood residents about the problems arising from the need for lorries delivering to Buildbase to park up and reverse through the junction of Waterhouse Lane & Bonsor Drive.

I have been negotiating with Buildbase over the last year with a view to eliminating this problem.  Over the last few months they have been moving their stock around their yard so that gradually larger and larger vehicles can turn within their yard.

I can now announce that even the largest articulated lorries can now turn on their premises, so we should not see any more reversing into the yard.

They have notified their suppliers that the lorries should now drive in forwards, do a 3 point turn inside and then drive out forwards.  They have also erected a sign to say that.  Some of the suppliers may be a little slow informing their drivers of the change, but those drivers are being notified on arrival.

Eventually, they will have a turning circle so that the lorries would then be able to sweep around in a single movement.

Mike Gibson
Roads & Transport
Kingswood Residents Association

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