Burglary Prevention Advice this Winter

The KRA has received the following advice from Surrey Police and we pass this on to you now.

During the winter period, we traditionally see an increase in burglaries of homes, garages and outbuildings. In many cases homes remain insecure, with a third of all break-ins involving little to no force from the burglar, allowing them to easily enter a property.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent against being a victim of burglary all the time, there are lots of steps homeowners can take to make their property a less attractive target to burglars.

Top Tips to avoid burglary

  • Restrict access to your back garden by making sure you have a solid and secure fence and lockable gate.
  • Always lock your doors and windows, even if you’re not going out for very long. The use of deadlocks on all outside doors is advisable.
  • Do not leave keys in locks or in plain view from outside i.e. near doors or by windows. Also consider investing in a home security alarm.
  • Marking your property with Smart Water or SelctaDNA will enable them to be easily identified should your belongings be stolen. This also acts as a deterrent to thieves.
  • Remember to register for free all identifiable property through IMMOBILISE.
  • Install low-level, exterior lighting to act as a deterrent
  • If your home is going to be unoccupied at any time after dusk, the use of timers to bring on lights in a staggered pattern can convey the impression that someone is at home.

Surrey Police are committed to keeping the communities across the county safe during the darker nights and this festive season.

For more advice around how to keep your property safe, visit our website: www.surrey.police.uk/advice/protect-your-home-and-belongings/burglary/

Message sent by
Emily Bunton (Surrey Police, Communications Assistant, Guildford)


For more information as to how to contact Surrey Police – please visit www,surrey.police.uk/contact-us/


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