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Surrey Police : Warning of Counterfeit Bank Notes

Warning of Counterfeit Bank Notes Over the last few days we have had several reports of three smartly dressed men in suits trying to pass off fake £50 and £100 notes, believed Scottish counterfeit notes. They go into a shop and buy a small item with the note. We have had reports at Caterham, Nutfield […] Continue reading →

Surrey Police : Anti Social Behaviour Moped Riders

I wish to inform you that the police are aware of some Anti – Social Behaviour by moped riders and 19 reports have been received from the community in Tadworth, Nork and Banstead for the month of October 2016. These reports have been made in the afternoon and evenings and describe moped riders driving anti- […] Continue reading →

Surrey Police : Alert – bogus electrical websites

29 November 2015 Fraudsters have set up high specification website templates advertising various electrical goods and domestic appliances. The goods are listed below market value and do not exist. The fraudsters will request your card details via the website, however the purchaser will then receive an email stating the payment failed and they must pay […] Continue reading →

Surrey Police : Don’t get conned at Christmas

29 November 2015 With Christmas almost here again, more and more of us are going online to find those special presents, do the big food shop, book that last minute break, keep in touch and send greetings. Please safeguard yourself, your family and your finances. Please read further Top Ten tips for a safe and […] Continue reading →

Surrey Police : Crime Update

7 November 2015 – Crime Update On 1st November 2015 at 9.30pm and 10.10pm there was a burglary in Tadorne Road. Reference 45150099628 3rd November 2015 between 07:45am and 8:30pm there was another burglary in Forest Drive. Reference 45150100279 Did you see or hear anything or have information which may assist the police in their enquiries. […] Continue reading →

Surrey Police: Beware Pickpockets

Dear All We have been alerted to an increase of pick pocketers just over the border in Kingston and they are travelling around the south east. Two females possibly of Eastern European descent are believed to be involved in Kingston. May I suggest that handbags are worn to the front of you, sealed and /or […] Continue reading →