NAFAS Flower Club

NAFAS is a Flower Arrangement Group, held in Kingswood Village Hall, Waterhouse Lane, Kingswood every second Tuesday in the month. Start time 7.45pm.


In 1959, flower arranging clubs and societies banded together and, with the support of the Royal Horticultural Society, formed the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies. NAFAS grew rapidly to encompass a national network of flower clubs and was granted charitable status in 1984.

The Association has since been a unifying and guiding mainstay to thousands of people, young and old whose love of flowers has opened up a whole new world of creativity. Today, NAFAS ranks as one of the most notable specialist associations, with around 79,000 members within 1,350 affiliated Clubs across 21 areas in the UK.

The Surrey Area of NAFAS was founded in 1960 and now has 48 flower clubs that meet regularly for flower arranging demonstrations, talks and practice sessions. Beginners are made most welcome and are encouraged to develop their skills in flower arranging

Why not find out more?

If you are a newcomer to the Kingswood, Walton and Tadworth area and are looking for opportunities to meet people and participate in local activities or maybe someone who has lived locally for years and would like to try something new, please give a thought to your local flower club.

Our meetings in Kingswood are held on the second Tuesday of every month in the Village Hall Waterhouse Lane, commencing promptly at 7.45 pm.

Please come along to one of our meetings and hopefully you will enjoy it so much you would like to become a member. Our new year commences at the AGM next April, but you could always come to our meetings as a visitor. We have a break for refreshment and a chat and the demonstrator will judge our own in house competition for that meeting. We raffle the demonstrator’s arrangements each month so you could go home with a beautiful bouquet. Our December meeting is always ‘something special’. Please note we do not have a meeting in January..

You do not have to be a flower arranger, just come along as a visitor to see what a friendly and informative group we are and think about joining to learn more about flowers and plants.

For more information please contact Chris Harris or  Jane Hollington


Evening meetings start promptly at 7.45pm

NB Competition arrangements to be displayed are to be small to medium sized.


Tuesday 11th June – 7.45pm

‘It’s Magic’ – Susan Shaw

Competition: Roses as you like it

Tuesday 25th June – 2.30pm

Fundraising ‘Diamond Celebration Tea’

Venue – 23 Greenways, Walton on the Hill

Tuesday 9th July 11th – 7.45pm

‘Summer Delight’ – Siobhan Pilkington

Competition: Roses as you like it

Tuesday 9th July – 7.45pm

‘It’s Magic’ – Susan Shaw

Competition: Floating Flowers

Tuesday 13th August – 12.30pm

Fundraising ‘Summer Lunch’

Venue – 35 Birch Grove, Kingswood

Tuesday 10th September – 7.45pm

‘Mad about Flowers’ – Graham King

Competition: Kitchen container arrangement

Tuesday 8th October – 7.45pm

‘Art for Art’s Sake’ – Neil Bain

Competition: Autumn Colour

Tuesday 12th November – 7.45pm

‘Backward Glance’ – Steve McDonald

Competition: Leaves and Berries

Tuesday 10th December – 2pm

Meeting with Christmas Tea

‘Christmas Creations’ – Gill Homer

Competition: Christmas Table Decoration


Tuesday 14th January – 7.45pm

‘Beating the Blues’

Tuesday 11th February – 2pm

‘Ancient and Modern’ – Gaynor Circus

Competition: Valentines Day

Tuesday 10th March – 7.45pm

‘A Flowery Thing’ – Kate Thomas

Competition: Selection of Daffodils

Tuesday 14th April – 7.45pm

Annual General Meeting

Competition: Posy of Spring Flowers