Do Not Split Kingswood – Boundary Commission Proposals

Boundary Commission Proposals for Kingswood

As you may be aware, the Boundary Commission (BC) is revising the ward boundaries throughout the country making adjustments to achieve a more even number of voters in each ward. This exercise is undertaken from time to time to adjust for population changes.

In the course of making any changes, the BC is also directed to avoid splitting established communities. However despite this directive, the draft proposals now out for consultation, show a new boundary straight through Kingswood following the railway line

The village would thus be split with the majority of residents in one ward and the minority, along with the village hall, shops, pub, restaurants and railway station in the other.

The KRA, the KVCA and our 3 Councillors, Rod Ashford, Ros Mill and Simon Parnall strongly oppose this proposal and are calling on as many residents as possible to object to it.

If you agree that the proposed boundary goes way beyond your red line, and you have not already sent your comments by post or email, please take the time to sign our online petition on, no later than 10 August 2018 to enable us to submit this to the Boundary Commission.





The more responses they receive the more likely it is that we will be able to keep the community of Kingswood together! Thank you.

Des Camblin, Chairman, KRA
Bob Gunn, Chairman, KVCA

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