Fairer Funding for Surrey’s Roads

News from the KRA

The Kingswood Residents’ Association would like to bring the following petition to residents attention.

Please note the petition deadline is 2nd November 2018.

We call upon the Government to reform the Fairer Funding Formula to ensure there is enough money for road repair and up-keep. The current method for calculating the grant for such work unfairly penalises Surrey. The calculation should give more weight to traffic flow and level of usage.

Surrey has almost 3,500 miles of roads with over 4.8 million miles travelled on those roads per year. The grant received by Surrey from the Government is about £4,000 per million vehicle miles travelled. A Neighbouring county has a figure of £5,500 per million vehicle miles travelled.
The recent Pothole Fund announced by the Government which uses the same formula saw Surrey get £1.8m, whereas one of our neighbouring counties received £2.9m, and a quiet west country area was given £4.4m.

Sign this petition – Closing date 2nd November 2018



The Kingswood Residents’ Association

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