Frontages Associations

Frontages Associations exist for most of the private roads in Kingswood. A number of private roads are owned by Costain, where residents have a covenanted obligation in their deeds to maintain the road surfaces. Some roads are owned directly by the residents themselves or through a collective management company.

In all these cases groups exist to collect funds and discharge their collective obligations, such as maintenance and development of the road surfaces, drain cleaning, third-party insurance etc.

Details of Associations are shown below:

Alcocks Lane Frontagers Association

Chair John Wood

Alcocks Lane South Residents’ Association

Chair Tom Corrigan
Hon. Secretary Estele Bibby
Hon. Treasurer Stephen Campion
Committee Member(s) Andrew Kieran

Beech Drive and Bears Den Frontagers Association

Chair Terry Wardle
Hon. Treasurer Gill Talpade
Committee Member(s) David Williams, Mark Boxall and Andrew Winyard

The Chase Kingswood Road Association

Chair Ian Cooke
Hon. Secretary Richard Carrington
Committee Member(s) Stephen Gale-Batten, Richard Lewis

Copt Hill Road Fund

Chair John Phipps
Hon. Secretary Derek Wall
Hon. Treasurer John Broome
Committee Member(s) Byron Crittenden

Eyhurst Close & Spur Road Fund Committee

Chair David Moroney
Hon. Treasurer Neil Finlayson
Hon. Secretary Mandy Taffinder

Forest Drive Road Association

Chair Chris van Pelt
Hon. Secretary Bob Crawley
Treasurer Vacancy
Committee member(s) Ted Burgess

The Glade and (part) Forest Drive Road Association

Chair Shirley Clark
Hon. Secretary Kevin Connolly
Hon. Treasurer David Hempstead
Committee member(s) Alistair Sinclair, Basil Preuveneers, Barry Ferdinand

Sandy Lane Frontagers Association

Chair Des Camblin
Hon. Secretary Vacancy
Hon. Treasurer Colin Boote
Committee member(s) Michael Mills, Rosemary Akerman

Warren Drive Frontagers Association

Chair Vacancy
Hon. Secretary Chris Houlding

Woodland Way & The Warren Frontagers Association

Chair  Robin Wilson
Hon. Treasurer  Gary Allen
Committee member  Adrienne Light