KADDS – Beyond a Joke review

A Successful Farce

The production of “Beyond a Joke”, a comedy by Derek Benfield, by Kingswood Amateur Dance and Drama Society (KADDS) certainly generated a lot of laughs from the 80 or so who attended Kingswood Village Hall on Saturday February 23. The genre was “bedroom farce” although on this occasion the need to conceal what was going on concerned an embarrassing number of (possibly) accidental deaths with bodies piling up at inconvenient moments when other important guests were expected. Joy Seymour and Mike Hill were well cast as the householders with Joy displaying a very effective ability to screech when under pressure. Steve Bonnett was the prospective son-in-law and managed to credibly sustain his character’s apparent conviction that foul play might be involved and was very good at deploying a sudden booming “NO” when he thought another person might be about to be poisoned. All the cast performed well and there was some clever manipulation to get one of the dead bodies into a wheelbarrow. Director Georgie Lucas maintained a rapid pace and the split stage design between house and garden worked well.

All in all another fine production from KADDS.