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Latest KADDS play a triumph!

The Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett

KADDS took us back to the days of the Common Market, trusty Volvos and outraged consternation in leafy “Left” Camden, when Miss Shepherd, the Lady in the Van, played with sympathy and skill by Sally Moss, took up residence in Alan Bennett’s drive. And not just one, but two Alan Bennetts, Mike Hill and Joy Seymour, expertly duelling his words from one side of the stage to the other.

An ambitious and successful production, it was brilliantly paced and professionally directed by Sally Franklin and produced by Maggie Kippen, who also put together the excellently authentic and contemporary wardrobe.

The rest of the cast raced on and off, as quick change artists, with Laura Worley, Alex Culff, Rosemary Akerman and Dick Palmer throwing themselves into their various roles, and Matthew Parnell as a silent and haunting motorcyclist, not forgetting Georgie Lucas doubling as Alan Bennett’s mother and her doctor. How did Georgie manage to do the Hair and Make-up too?

And who can ignore the real star of the piece? Yes, The Van, in luminous yellow in a set masterminded by Steve Kippen as Stage Manager and expertly constructed by Peter Dell, assisted by Linda Hornzee Jones and Bob Ebert, with prompting provided by Jill Gunn, and the lighting and sound as always faultlessly produced by David Ames.

James Chatfield

What next?  We have many interesting events planned for the end of 2017 and the first half of 2018.

This Sunday 5th November we will be holding Auditions for adults and children for our Family play The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Gill Morrell (see poster below for more information). This will be performed from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th February 2018 including a matinee on the Saturday.

We will also be offering our ever popular festive entertainment Christmas Crackers (see poster below) and note that the dates have changed from those listed in September Village Voice.

And we will be singing some Christmas Carols in The Waterhouse Café at 11am on Saturday 9th December. Do come and enjoy the delicious fare on offer at the Café and join in some well loved carols.

Hot news is that we have selected a very entertaining play for our Spring offering 2018.

Colin Edgerton will be directing The Weekend by Michael Palin to be performed from Thursday 31st May to Saturday 2nd June. Look out for audition dates in March.


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