Kingswood Halloween Trail – useful map and further information

Kingswood mums have created The Kingswood Trick or Treat Trail – A Spooktakular Halloween Adventure

  • Everyone is starting from their own house/road so we won’t all be walking together – A general start time was suggested of 4.30pm so we can hopefully see a few other children dressed up along the way!
  • Some families are planning to just do the loop around Warren Drive etc as the whole route may be too long. And some families are just doing The Glade & Forest Drive loop as closer to where they live.

Hope to see many families along the way…!


Further information below:

  • To ensure it’s covid safe, the idea is that small groups of 6 will walk the trail to spot the pumpkins along the route and once spotted, their parent will give them a sweet.
  • If any residents would like to participate, please display a lit pumpkin / any Halloween Decorations for the kids to spot at the gates / end of driveway. There is no need to leave sweets, as the parents will have sweets to give to their own children if they spot the pumpkins / decorations.
  • The walk will start at approximately 4.30pm via The Glade, Forest Drive, Warren Drive, Beech Drive, Woodland Way and Sandy Lane.
  • There are a number of residents with young families participating, but having more pumpkins to spot would definitely make the long walk more exciting for the children.
  • We look forward to spotting many pumpkins along the trail!

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