Kingswood Railway Bridge & Traffic Lights – Update

Dear members

I have been in almost daily contact with Surrey Highways since before work started.

Firstly the reason for the lights. A recent survey of the structure has revealed that the maximum loading should be 40 tonnes. As the heaviest lorries can be slightly over that, but we do not get the very heaviest, it was decided that the traffic should be restricted to one-way to keep within that loading.

The traffic lights were installed as a matter of urgency and seem to be working fairly well, but there are a few teething problems. These are explained because knowledge of them can speed up the flow. There are 2 sensors on each side of the bridge. One is housed in the light array which detects approaching traffic and the other is buried in the road to detect waiting vehicles. You can see where the latter is buried because there is a tar diamond covering the sensor about 2 feet (60 cm) before the stop line.

When approaching the lights on red because of traffic coming across from the opposite side, it is essential to stop right up to the white line in order to activate the sensor so the lights will change in your favour. If no-one is coming from the other direction, the sensor in the light array will activate the change.

The other teething problem is that vehicles coming across the bridge when no-one is waiting or approaching in the other direction are not returning to their correct side of the road and are activating the road sensor, causing the lights to change unnecessarily. Please return to the correct side of the centre line as soon as possible. This problem has been adjusted in the direction towards the shops but not in the other direction.

The gully to the North East of the bridge is blocked and this has also been reported to Surrey Highways. There has been some flooding as a consequence.

I have also requested that a flashing warning be installed round the blind bend near Kingsbarns to prevent accidents.

Also, The parking spaces alongside the Kingswood Arms car park (between No12 and the car park entrance) have been suspended by Surrey Highways pending the return to full traffic loads in September. Someone has removed the traffic cones but the bays are still suspended. There are notices at each end. I will review the need for the suspension with Surrey Highways later in September.

If there are any issues that you wish to raise, please click here to contact me Mike.Gibson

Kind regards

Mike Gibson
Roads & Transport
Kingswood Residents Association

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