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kra-logo-psd23x150The Kingswood Residents Association is a voluntary organisation that aims to protect and promote the collective interests of the residents to ensure that Kingswood remains a unique and special place to live. This is achieved by working with the Borough Council and County Council to ensure that our needs and concerns in respect of planning applications, services, roads, public transport, parking and tree preservation are communicated.

Our aim is to continue to strengthen our lines of communication to all residents and make the KRA more relevant and visible in this community and in every way that we can, to ensure Kingswood remains a unique and special place to live.

We have been busy:

  • Carrying out a huge amount of work to monitor Planning Applications. This includes work on projects that may have a significant impact on Kingswood such as the Station site, where we prepared a planning brief based on the public consultation we carried out. We maintain an interest in all key Kingswood sites, e.g. the Station and Legal and General and have also contributed funding, where justified, to residents’ planning appeal cases.
  • Maintaining and updating this Kingswood Village website for the benefit of the whole Village.
  • Continuing to update our Members with regular emails detailing alerts, news, and local events.
  • Organising Coffee Mornings for residents to meet and chat with Borough and County Councillors, the Police and members of the KRA committee about any concerns or issues.
  • Organising Village based Events such as the Street Party and Open Gardens held in 2012 to celebrate The Queens Diamond Jubilee.
  • Arranging for the grass bank, opposite the shops, to be cleared and planted with daffodils.

Kingswood Residents Association Constitution

KRA Constitution

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