Kingswood Planning Documents

National Planning Policy Framework, Core Strategy, Development Management Plan & Supplementary Planning Document

The overall National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was issued in 2012 by the Government to be followed by the Core Strategy (prepared by RBBC) in 2014. The latter document sets out the Borough plans for growth to 2027.

A Development Management Plan (DMP), which sets out the detailed policies for managing development in line with the Core Strategy and the NPPF, has now been issued twice by RBBC (as part of a defined process) for comment, the most recent comments being made in February 2018.

Timing wise, it was not very satisfactory that comments were then required on a revised NPPF in May 2018. The DMP, when finalised later in 2018, will replace the long used Borough Local Plan 2005.

Comments on the latest drafts of the DMP and NPPF were made in collaboration with the Banstead Federation of RAs.

DMP – KRA Response – February 2018

Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council is currently working to finalise the Development Management Plan (DMP) for the Borough. This is the second tier planning document which sits below the Core Strategy and which was approved some time ago now. The third layer to this suite of planning documents comprises a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for each area which is intended to offer lower level planning direction reflecting the specific characteristics of that locality.

At the request of the Council, the KRA produced a draft SPD for Kingswood quite some time ago now and this document is available to view on this website. The draft has been on hold by the Council pending finalisation of the DMP and the associated consultation process, other than some points which the draft SPD contained which were considered by the Council to be of more widespread relevance and have therefore been lifted out for inclusion in the draft DMP.

2014-05-17-Kingswood-SPD-Draft (PDF, 6.68MB)

Library Documents

Development Management Plan (Regulation 18 stage) – Green Belt Review

Green Belt Review

Development Management Plan (Regulation 18 stage) – Residential Areas of Special Character (RASC) Review

RASC Review (PDF, 2.8MB)