Kingswood Planning Strategy

AS WELL as reviewing and commenting on individual planning applications (see the Kingswood Planning page), the KRA also takes a strategic overview of both local and national planning policy which could have a major impact on our village environment.

Several key documents explain both national and local government strategic planning policies which determine the evolving character of the village, including areas of Kingswood designated as forming a Residential Area of Special Character (RASC) and, within that, a smaller but equally crucial Conservation Area (CA).

The key documents which inform the planning decisions Reigate and Banstead Borough Council take, are detailed below.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. This document was issued in 2012 and last updated in 2019. It can be found at

Of special interest in respect of Kingswood is Chapter 16 of this document, Conserving and enhancing the historic environment, which considers the implications of the designation of a Conservation Area when making local planning decisions.

The Core Strategy

More locally, the Core Strategy, adopted by RBBC in 2014 and reviewed in 2019 sets out the level of growth to take place across the borough up to 2027, broadly where this growth should be and how it can be delivered. This document can be found at:

The Development Management Plan (DMP)

The Development Management Plan (DMP) drawn up by RBBC and formally adopted in September 2019, sets out the detailed policies for managing development in the borough in line with the NPPF and the local Core Strategy. This can be found at:

Of particular interest for Kingswood, the DMP sets out on page 27 the nine criteria applicable to the granting of planning permission in a RASC.

Planning for the Future

Finally, and most recently, we have had the government’s controversial planning White Paper, Planning for the Future, to which the KRA gave its own detailed response in October 2020. This response can be viewed here:

Document: KRA Planning White Paper Response 29102020 (PDF, 422KB)

As well as the KRA’s two planning officers who monitor and act upon individual applications, the association has recently instigated a planning policy team to try to develop clearer and legally enforceable regulations covering the granting of planning approvals in the area, particularly around the RASC/CA of Kingswood. The aim is to better protect these precious designations while at the same time recognising the need for reasonable but sympathetic modern development.

Response to Local Character & Distinctiveness Guide

The Kingswood Residents’ Association has responded to the RBBC’s Local Character and Distinctiveness Guide – Supplementary Planning Document Draft Consultation.

Document: KRA response to RBBC’s Local Character &  Distinctiveness Guide (PDF, 188KB)

Kings Barn Planning Inspectorate Decisions

In March 2021 the KRA posted a response to the Planning Inspectorate about their role regarding Kings Barn.

Kings Barn Planning Inspectorate Decisions