Kingswood Safety Net – 2.6 Challenge

Kingswood Safety Net Volunteers are doing The 2.6 Challenge!

This Sunday Volunteers who are part of the Kingswood Safety Net during the coronavirus lockdown will be walking every road in Kingswood as a reminder that we want everyone in our village to feel that, should they need it, there is somewhere they can turn for help.

Obviously we will be following government guidelines as we complete the challenge, so we are not all walking together and we only aim to be out for about an hour. But we have divided Kingswood up into 10 approximately 2.6 mile routes and one Volunteer (or a couple from the same household) will walk each route.

Many of the volunteer walkers are raising money for a charity of their choice (charities are very hard hit during the lockdown). So if you would like to show your support you could donate to their charity. They will also be handing out information about some of the KSN initiatives you can get involved in, including Food Bank donations, sewing Scrubs, making visors and gardening.

Please look out for them and encourage them on their way.

Your KSN Volunteer Walkers on Sunday are

Route 1: Mikki Hall and Buddy the dog

Route 2: Vicky de Bruyne in a pink hat

Route 3: Judith Barnett in an orange and grey jogging top

Route 4: Bob & Jill Gunn wearing England Rugby Shirts

Route 5: Lydia Armitage & Anna Thuilot in bright pink tops

Route 6: Juliet Quartermaine in a bright orange top

Route 7: Sarah Denyer plus her child and 2 dogs

Route 8: Maggie & Steve Kippen in England Rugby Shirts

  • Route: Sandy Ln/Outwood/Eyhurst Pk/Eyhurst Fm/Golf Clubs
  • Starting 2pm
  • Charity: Gatton Community Theatre and scroll down to donate.

Route 9: Maxine Swan white top with rainbow and dog

Route 10: Djina Dann

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