Kingswood Safety Net in June

Kingswood Safety Net in June

AS THE Covid-19 restrictions are gradually being eased, some aspects of the Kingswood Safety Net (KSN) will change but we will still be ready to help those who need it in the village, especially if there is a second wave of the coronavirus.

Here is a summary of where we are today:

Emergency contact by email and by phone 07310 054159 will continue to be available.

Local area groups: groups have been set up covering most roads in Kingswood and now act as the first point of contact. If you do not have such a group in your road and would like to organise one, please contact Bob Gunn.

KSN volunteer deliveries from Kingswood Village Store: our organiser, Sally Fish, suspended these from the end of May, as demand had reduced. However, we will keep the structure in place in case a second wave of the virus occurs.

Food bank donations: this valuable scheme continues. The need throughout the borough for food and basic household supplies provided by food banks continues to be high and will rise further as more workers are made redundant. The council has asked that our donations continue as they deal with unprecedented demand. Maxine Swan and Lani Robinson are keen to keep the scheme going and hope that those providing drop-off points are happy to continue. Kingswood’s generosity is much appreciated.

Seedling and plant exchange: the group set up initially to make sure seedlings didn’t go to waste during the lockdown will continue to operate as a useful gardeners’ contact. If you would like to join it, please contact Sarah Wilson on 07932 445868.

Kingswood Village Voice: the KVCA is producing a special summer edition of Village Voice, featuring what has happened here during the lockdown – including VE Day – and it will be ready for distribution in late June.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council: the council is keen to tap into the community willingness to help, which the lockdown has shown exists. It is working on a scheme for those who are interested in volunteering beyond their own villages.

The Kingswood Village Community Association (KVCA) and the Kingswood Residents’ Association (KRA) would like to thank all the volunteers who have signed up to help during the lockdown, whether their services have been called upon or not. It has been very reassuring knowing that you have been there to call on. Particular thanks go to those who have taken on organising the different aspects of the Kingswood Safety Net.

Thank you all.

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