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Dear resident.

Many of you have been asking what is happening at the Station Yard Site, since works have not progressed. There is a new planning application (Ref 21/00470/OUT, which can be viewed on the R&BBC website, see below), which may have implications for Kingswood Village.

The summary below compares this new application with the previous development approved in 2017. The inclusion of a Co-op store with an internal floor area of 237m2 with storage area and delivery space of  100m2 raises concerns that this may impact our local shops. In particular The Kingswood Village Store and Kingswood Wines may see trade reduced, perhaps to a point of being non-viable. Some impact on other stores might also be expected.

The increased number of dwellings (albeit less bedroom spaces), plus the Co-op also raises concerns that too few parking spaces are provided and that this will worsen parking problems in Waterhouse Lane and surrounding roads. Any overflow parking needs are proposed to be accommodated in local roads. However, with the widespread restrictions on both Furze Hill and St Monica’s Road this may put pressure on the limited 50 spaces provided in Waterhouse Lane, which should be serving the existing shops.

We were invited to meet with the developer (Aspire llc) to discussion our concerns. Outside these two issues (parking and commercial competition), we see no material planning considerations for an objection to the application.

The KRA has submitted formal comments objecting on both grounds. If you share our concerns we urge you to comment on the Council website. The process is simple and straightforward and the steps to take are as follows:

Click to go to Planning Application Search

Enter reference 21/00470/OUT
Click on Make a Comment and complete the form provided
Click on Submit

The last date for comment is the 7th May.

Station Yard Application Comparisons

Proposed Approved
Nos of dwellings 28 apartments 18 houses
Type 2 bed flats 8 x 3 bed and 10 x 4 bed houses
Nos of beds 56 64
Nos of buildings 6 8
Nos of floors 2 + roof accommodation 2 + roof accommodation
Commercial (Co-op store) 237m2 None
Design Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts
Parking 40 36


Best regards

Valerie Evans
Kingswood Residents’ Association (Chair)

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