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Yesterday our KRA ‘L&G Site’ working group met with IVG to review their work in progress. We can share with you the information we received from IVG relative to their public exhibition/consultation on 17th and 18th May. IVG confirmed that individual invitations have been sent out in the post to all residents. They advised the location is “Kingswood House”, the main L&G headquarters building, access to which is gained through the main entrance gates off St Monica’s Road. They also advise that in addition to a static exhibition, they will provide four half-hour talks, morning and afternoon, on the following subjects (timing in their invitation):

1. About Inspired Villages
2. Project Overview
3. Transport and Travel Plan
4. Kingswood Community

Whilst writing, we would expand upon the statement previously made that “the developer (IVG) must embark on discussions with the Council to address the Planning issues involved”. In order to proceed, the developer would need to obtain planning permission, and they can only be successful in an application for a scheme which is compliant with the Council’s planning policies – a high bar indeed considering the green belt policies which apply on this site. When IVG makes an application, residents will have the opportunity to raise their concerns to the Council – in relation to compliance with the policies and also in regard to construction management – which will be considered and taken into account in any permission given and in conditions to that permission.

The aim of the KRA relative to the L&G proposal is to enter into discussion with the developer at an early stage, before an application is submitted, so that we can inform IVG of local opinion with a view to influencing the scheme. We will then respond in the normal way to the Council in respect of the planning application, once submitted.

None of the above absolves IVG from their responsibility to address and comply with the Planning policies.

Valerie Evans, Chair KRA.

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