News from the KRA – Outwood Lane closed & Average Speed Cameras

The Kingswood Residents Association would like to advise residents of works as follows:

Outwood Lane/Chipstead Valley Road

Please note that this road is currently closed to all traffic until Sunday (29 October)

A217 Average speed cameras

The cameras all seem to have been installed. They are mounted in pairs (presumably one for each lane) on lamp posts, for both carriageways, in the following locations:

1. Just North of the M25 roundabout
2. Just North of the Babylon Lane roundabout (just South of Lower Kingswood)
3. Each side of the Green Lane roundabout (near what was Clock Tower Stables)
4. Each side of the Bonsor Drive/Tadworth Street roundabout
5. Each side of Burgh Heath Traffic Lights
6. Each side of the Tattenham Way Traffic Lights
7. Just South of the traffic lights at Banstead Crossroads

That seems to indicate 6 sections of the road subject to the controls.

I haven’t found an official start date yet, but I have found the following quotation on the internet:

A spokesman at Surrey County Council’s press office did say on Monday (16 October) that as well as physical installation of the new system, testing and calibration were needed, and for the computer equipment to be ready. He added that the expectation was that tickets would start “end of this month or the start of next month”.

I suggest that we start observing the limits now rather than waiting for an official announcement of the start of ticketing.

Mike Gibson

Roads & Transport

Kingswood Residents Association


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