News from the KRA – Security Questionnaire results

Security Questionnaire

You will recall that following all the recent burglaries, we issued a questionnaire about communal security options before Christmas. To date we have received 73 responses from which it can be seen that whilst there is clearly a high level of concern about security in some areas of the village, in other parts, virtually no responses were submitted.

We can only conclude that there is a lower level of concern in those areas where there were few responses. Naturally by far the strongest feedback was from the Warren Estate where a number of the recent burglaries took place. Within that area the preference was for CCTV/ANPR closely followed by Neighbourhood Watch and then Whats App. There was positive interest in all the other options although with lower scores. The next most active response came from Forrest Drive, The Glade, The Chase, etc. where CCVT/ANPR, Mobile Patrols, Whats App and Neighbourhood Watch were all fairly evenly favoured.

The clear outcome is therefore that the Warren area shows far more active support for communal security measures than elsewhere. Also the measures which gained most support were fairly consistent, although the Waterhouse Lane, Bonsor Drive & Outwood Lane only really favoured ANPR reflecting the nature of those roads. The practical effectiveness of the various options of course remains subject to debate in the absence of clear empirical data. We continue to press for information from the Police through meetings with the Police and Crime Commissioner and our MP. We are aware that our Councillors are also in active dialogue with the police on this matter to ensure that we are made aware of criminals’ methods and can make more informed security choices.

Des Camblin
Kingswood Residents Association

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