Outwood Lane Closure

Last year, Outwood Lane was closed for a period while Southern Gas Networks (SGN) investigated a route for replacement pipes. Now they are doing the actual work.

There are two pipes involved – a low pressure supply and a medium pressure supply. The medium pressure supply distributes gas to the local low pressure network which supplies our homes.
One of these is coming to the end of its safe operating life and SGN have decided to replace both pipes so as not to have to come back again before too long. This will save them doing the work twice and save us from yet another blockade.

They are hoping to finish work in 8 weeks, but have been given a licence to 13 August 2019 in case they encounter unforeseen problems. They have assured me that they will finish as soon as they can and not avail themselves of the extra time unless it is necessary.

I have the contact details for their local representative but have agreed not to make them public, but will funnel any queries that I cannot answer to him. Please click here to email any queries to me.

Kind regards

Mike Gibson
Roads & Transport
Kingswood Residents Association

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