Postal update and vaccination roll out

The KRA has just received an update regarding the postal services and also on the roll out of vaccinations in our neighbourhood.

Tadworth Sorting Office

Cllr. Neame together with Cllr. Turner have managed to contact the Area Manager for the Tadworth Sorting Office, who informed them that the Tadworth Sorting Office is currently running with a team of just 7 Postmen/Women, normally a team of 30.

It was explained that some residents were very concerned that they could have missed vaccination appointments sent by post. However, many of our members have today reported post being received again. The sorting office are hoping to have more staff on duty from tomorrow.

We have been assured that they will do everything they can to make sure all letters will get delivered, as expected.

Vaccination Centres

The KRA is aware that the Woodhatch Centre, Reigate has been operating today to administer vaccinations. Additionally, Cllr Turner has been informed that the Epsom Downs Racecourse vaccination centre will be concentrating on the front-line services for the next couple of weeks and the public will be brought in as soon as this is completed, and vaccines are available. Letters will go out at the appropriate time giving a phone number to book appointments.

This is the information we have been given today, thanks to Cllr Neame and Cllr Turner, but as we all know, the situation can change rapidly.

We will keep you updated.

Keep well, keep safe


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