Residents Report August 2020 – Cllr. Jeff Harris

Many residents would like to do more, so I’ll start there

How can I get more involved……….?

As I write this the weather has truly turned on us and the long-awaited rain is bucketing down. But the gardeners will be very happy. (I’m one!) Dog walkers may not be so..(I’m also one!)

As always happens we will be seeing drains and gullies blocked by grass, etc. Like all highways issues you can assist greatly by reporting them on-line or by the telephone to Surrey County Council Highways: or 0300 200 1003 You will get a report number, which I can take up if nothing happens. (It takes a minute and is very easy to do!)

I’ve also been asked if you can help with minor work along the footpaths, etc, and Surrey Highways have set up a really interesting and community-minded project to enable volunteers to be supported and more involved in looking after our neighbourhoods.

If you would like to find out more please visit our website for further details,

or email

And the final SCC Highways information is about the initiatives to encourage walking, cycling and people getting out more and in turn staying healthier.

The County Council are encouraging people to do the following survey of what YOU would like to improve things, please have a read and make your feelings known. I can’t promise everyone will get what they want, but if you don’t ask….So please get involved.

Christmas is coming….

Moving away from highways issues, did you know that there are less than 20 weeks/136 sleeps until Christmas? (Oh, no!!)

But seriously, though the last few months have been extremely difficult for our vulnerable residents and groups. So if you are looking for present ideas, depending on the purse, how about the following suggestions:

If the person is on the internet (and remember some services are now as low as £12pm), how about an Alexa type device for about £60. So a package for a year is under £200-and instant support from a distance.

For a little more there’s the RING System Doorbells which enable you to see who is calling, and challenge them if necessary, from almost anywhere.

Much cheaper is making sure they’ve a quality door chain -DIY fitting and under £20.

But one of the most important and cheapest is a Smoke/CO Detector – £25 buys a quality one-DIY fitting again-and don’t forget spare batteries!!

For £1 donation, get an ICE container from the British Red Cross, etc. Not for cold drinks, but vital self safety information (In Case of Emergency).

Finally, absolutely free and not restricted to Christmas-every time you visit do test the batteries. This small act could be a true life saver.

Another ‘Hyena’ Warning

As we all know Hyenas prey on the vulnerable, so can I ask you to pass on discreetly the warning about the ‘new’ £20 notes and how similar they are, especially to visually impaired people, to £5 notes. Look at and feel them yourselves and make you own mind up, but please tell them to be careful.

And Finally……….

You may have noticed that my Covid-19 information has come at the end. There is a great deal of information and sadly misinformation out there but three main pieces of advice still stand;

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Keep your Distance
  • In confined public areas such as shops – wear a mask

And help keep the killer at bay.

I’ll close there and thank you for your support and wish you well.

Kind Regards,

Jeff. Harris

County Councillor Tadworth, Walton on the Hill, Burgh Heath and Kingswood.

August 2020

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