Surrey Police: Beware Pickpockets

Dear All

We have been alerted to an increase of pick pocketers just over the border in Kingston and they are travelling around the south east.

Two females possibly of Eastern European descent are believed to be involved in Kingston.

May I suggest that handbags are worn to the front of you, sealed and /or closed. Try and not take everything with you, is there something you could leave behind?

Whilst shopping don’t leave your handbag in your shopping trolley ready for those who want to dip into your bag whilst your back is turned.  Several have been dipped into in the past year in Banstead Waitrose, because they know that there are nice people shopping there and they know that it is easy pickings.

They work in two’s , one to distract you and the other to dip into your pockets and handbags whilst you help them get something down from a high shelf.  DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Try not to place all your valuables like wallets with credit cards and phones in your back pockets in your jeans or trousers alerting those criminals to an easy job…

If you are a victim of pick pocketing please phone the police as soon as possible. If you see it happening take 10 seconds just to see what direction they are going in and what they are wearing.  Then phone 999.

My very best wishes in this rather drizzly morning.


surrey-police-logoPC 3519 Carmen Lambert Singer
NSO for Kingswood, Tadworth and Walton on the Hill
Direct Line 014836 31236
Mobile Number 07785 662366
Reigate & Banstead SNT 014836 39708
Banstead Police Station
Surrey Police

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