Surrey Police : ‘In the know’ community website

The KRA has been requested by PC 3519 Carmen Lambert Singer from Surrey Police to encourage local residents to sign up to the website ‘In the Know’, so we would like to pass on to you the information below:
In the Know Community Website
Do you want to know what is going on in your community sign up for free…

Find out what is happening in your area – witness appeals, crime updates, crime prevention advice and news.

It’s specific to your interests and local area; from reliable sources; and you’re in control of how often you are contacted and who you receive information from.


Once you’ve joined InTheKnow.Community you will get updates from your local police and Neighbourhood Watch. In the future, we hope you’ll be able to receive updates from other community organisations as well. Updates are sent by email or (occasionally) text message and are tailored for you based on where you live and what you are interested in.InTheKnow.Community is provided by Surrey Police and Sussex Police. It is part of the National Neighbourhood Alert network.

The following organisations in Surrey currently send messages through InTheKnow.Community:
– Surrey Police
– Surrey Neighbourhood Watch Association (Coming soon)
When do I get updates?

We will send you updates whenever there is information that is relevant to you. This could be because it has happened near to you, or because we think it will be useful to you (because of your interests or business).

You are in control. If you feel you are receiving too many messages, you can change your settings so that you receive a digest, or if you need to turn off the notifications for a while (perhaps if you go on holiday) you can do that too!


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