Surrey Police : Protect Your Valuables after Christmas

The KRA has just received the following advice from Surrey Police and we pass this on to you now.

Protect Your Valuables after Christmas

Burglary has significantly reduced locally, helped by Surrey residents protecting themselves by securing their properties, ensuring doors are locked, and lights are left on. However, even with this decrease, we still want Surrey to be a no go area for potential burglars.

Of course the best thing to do is to protect your home against thieves. But if someone did break in and steal things, could you describe what you have lost fully and accurately to the police? It’s not as easy as it sounds when all you have to rely on is your memory.

Every year, property worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is recovered by the police and not returned to its rightful owners. This is simply because it can’t be properly identified. And if the items can’t be identified, the police may not be able to prove that they were stolen. They may then have to give your property back to the thieves and let them go.

Most property such as electrical equipment, cycles and mobile phones have serial numbers which are unique to that item of property. Other items such as jewellery can be photographed for future identification.

One of the actions you can consider is security marking of property which attracts the following advantages:

  • It reduces payoff – the value of marked property is reduced because of the increased difficulty of selling on.
  • The increased chance of being caught – the thief will want to sell/pass on as quickly as possible increasing the difficulty.
  • Crucial in recovery – property that can be identified can be returned to the owner.
  • Prosecution – if seized property is identified as stolen charges can be made.
  • Legislation – property may have to be returned to the thief if we are unable to prove it is stolen.

Also register your belongings on the National Property Data Base called Immobilise.
This free service is accessed by all police services throughout the UK to check for stolen property. It improves your chances of getting it back if it is lost or stolen.

Register it at


If you would like any further advice or support please contact the Crime Reduction Advisor, Mr Mark Howells on 01483 637044 or


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