The Chase is scheduled for resurfacing from 5th June

The Chase Resurfacing Work – June 2017

Marshalls will shortly be commencing resurfacing of The Chase.

Weather permitting, the work will start on Monday 5th June and is expected to take up to 7 working days, finishing by 13th June. Starting from The Glade end, the first 3 days will involve preparatory work (eg planing the road surface, adjusting drain covers, sweeping etc) followed by the surfacing work, which is expected to take up to 4 days. This schedule should allow the council refuse collectors to complete their collections on Wednesday 7th June. Marshalls will place warning signs on The Chase several days before the work begins. They will be working along one half of the road at a time, which will ensure appropriate access to The Chase and our homes during the project.

Marshalls should commence work by 9:00am each day and finish by 4:00pm. During the course of the project, they will need residents’ cooperation while applying the new road surface across each driveway entrance, so as to allow time (about 40 minutes) for bonding seals to harden – however, emergency access will always be provided. Residents on The Chase are asked to steer carefully and slowly when turning into and out of their driveways over the newly laid surface. Similar considerations apply to residents entering and leaving Lilley Drive and Gledhow Wood. Those residents of The Chase with marker stones along the front edges of their grass verges are asked to move the stones away from the roadside before work begins, otherwise Marshalls will move them on to the adjacent verges, so as not to impede their planing or resurfacing machinery.

Vehicles should not be left parked on any part of The Chase while Marshalls are working on that area of the road. The contractor’s foreman will indicate where it is safe to park for limited periods whenever this is necessary. Overnight during the work, Marshalls’ machinery will be parked and coned on The Chase in a suitably safe part of the road.

If you have any questions, please contact me or the Road Association’s Secretary, Richard Carrington. If you have any queries during the work, you can also speak to the contractor’s foreman on site.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Cooke – Chairman 

Tel: 833103 Email:

Richard Carrington – Hon. Secretary

Tel: 832843 Email::

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