The Kingswood Safety Net is going into Hibernation

With the government’s announcement about further relaxations in Covid restrictions from Monday 19 July, the KSN Steering Group (Valerie Evans, Juliet Quartermain, Janine Connick and Bob Gunn) has decided to put The Kingswood Safety Net into hibernation. This decision has also been influenced by the fact that, for the past few months there have been no new requests for help from within Kingswood (although there have been some from neighbouring areas).

What does KSN Hibernation mean?

  1. The KSN email address will remain in operation and will be checked daily. This is now the preferred way to contact The Kingswood Safety Net.
  2. The KSN helpline phone number 07310 054159 will no longer be monitored 24/7. Text or voice messages left on this number will be checked from time to time, but not necessarily every day.
  3. The KVCA and the KRA agree that it will be relatively easy to remobilise The Kingswood Safety Net should the national or local situation require it in future.

We would like to express our considerable thanks to all who have volunteered to help their neighbours during the various phases of the lockdown. It has been very re-assuring to village residents to know that help was readily available if and when they needed it. We would also like to thank those who set up local neighbour groups for their road or part of Kingswood and we hope that these continue operating, to increase neighbourliness and meet the needs their neighbours may have, whatever their nature.

There will be more information soon about the Food Bank Donations Scheme led by Maxine Swan.

As I am sure you know, Covid case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths are on the rise again, so we all need to continue to take care as we embrace the latest relaxations. Official information on Covid-related matters can be found on the Surrey and Reigate & Banstead websites:

Information of relevance to Kingswood residents will continue to be posted as news items on the Village Website and will be emailed to KRA members.

Stay safe!

With best wishes,
Bob Gunn


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