TWOAT News – August 2019

TWOAT is delighted to report that the Auction of Promises raised well over £4,000 – many thanks if you were a bidder or donor.

Please note that the Barbecue previously planned to be held in aid of TWOAT in Roger Ponsford’s garden in Walton on Sunday September 8th has had to be cancelled.

Instead we will be organising one of our Teas & Talks event on that same date, September 8th, in the afternoon from 3pm to 4.45pm in Christchurch Hall on Walton Street. These events consist of a series of short reports on projects supported by TWOAT whilst tea, cakes and in this case sandwiches are available in the intervals between talks. The cost of admission is £5 which includes the tea etc. All are welcome to drop in to hear one or two talks or stay all afternoon. We would still be pleased to see you even if you already know about TWOAT and its projects especially if you were able to bring along someone to hear about us for the first time.

We will be organising a similar event in Kingswood Village Hall on Thursday October 17th hopefully to spread awareness of TWOAT in Kingswood.

Our Annual Social Meeting (ASM) will be held slightly later than usual this year so we can hear a talk about Berega Hospital in Tanzania and the new Epilepsy Clinic which we have helped to create there. The speaker will be returning from a visit to Berega made in late October. The provisional date for the ASM is Wednesday November 6th.

For further information visit or phone Mike Fox on 01737 350452

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