TWOAT News – May 2021

News from Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust (TWOAT)

In view of the serious COVID impact on many of our projects a very generous TWOAT supporter offered to match fund any donations we received during the last 10 days of April. We publicised this to our supporters and as a result received over £1500 of donations, these were then doubled to make over £3,000 – a fantastic result for us. Using these funds at our committee meeting in early May we were able to agree an increase of at least 10% in our normal annual donations to any project impacted by COVID. During that meeting we authorised over £10,000 to be transferred to projects including sufficient money for the Myanmar Refugee School, we support on the Thai border, to start serving 4 x school lunches per week instead of the current 3. We also sent an additional £350 to the village school we support in Nepal so that families suffering hardship due to the loss of income caused by COVID can be supported and an additional £500 to Ludhiana Hospital in India where we support their Samaritans’ Fund which pays the cost of hospital treatment for those too poor to meet the bills themselves.

We have had a recent report from the Epilepsy Clinic which we helped to create at Berega Hospital in Tanzania. It included a photograph of Charles, our specially trained epilepsy nurse, with the new computer tablet that we helped to fund. This enables him to keep patient records when he is visiting remote villages. He is now supporting 48 x epilepsy sufferers and visiting 12 x remote villages using the motorcycle that we also fund.

During the evening of Friday 4th June we are organising a Zoom-based Quiz. We hope that TWOAT supporters will organise a team of up to 6 people to assemble in one of their houses, probably enjoy dinner together, and then tackle our Zoom Quiz. We will be providing a sealed envelope in advance containing details of the questions in case of communications difficulties. We will be charging £10 per team member and hope that we might beat our previous record attendance for a Quiz.

Please contact Mike Fox if you wish to participate.

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Mike Fox

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