TWOAT News – November 2019

Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust

The TWOAT Annual Social Meeting (ASM) on November 6th in St John’s Hall was attended by around 70 people. They heard a very interesting presentation from Dr David Curnock who is a trustee of the local charity BREAD who provide the link between TWOAT and Berega Hospital in Tanzania. Dr Curnock had just returned from a period at Berega and provided an insight to the issues facing the hospital in a rural and impoverished area of Tanzania where over 80% of the people have to survive on an income of less than £1 per day. TWOAT and one of its local UK supporters, Edward Reynolds, a retired consultant specialising in Epilepsy, had worked with BREAD and Berega Hospital to create a brand new Epilepsy Clinic at Berega Hospital. Dr Curnock was able to report on the excellent work already being done. He described how one Epilepsy sufferer, who had previously been enduring 3 or more fits per day, had had his medication adjusted and was now able to contemplate returning to school studies and leading a normal life. TWOAT is paying the salary cost of the clinic’s outreach worker, Charles. He has already started to travel to remote villages to check for Epilepsy sufferers who would typically be unaware of the true nature of their symptoms as these types of fits are often considered by uneducated people to be the work of evil spirits. During his first few visits Charles has already identified 12 possible sufferers whom he has asked to attend the clinic.

Revd. Tim Astin of the Good Shepherd had also recently returned from a trip to Africa where he had visited The Mampong Babies’ Home in Ghana. This orphanage had been jointly supported by TWOAT and the Good Shepherd last year and Tim was able to provide feedback to the ASM that the money sent had been spent on a children’s play area.

The ASM raised about £1400 with a raffle and donations which would fund the Epilepsy Clinic for most of next year.

  • TWOAT’s next event will be “Sing Carols” at Christchurch in Walton on December 11th at 6.30pm with a choir from Walton Primary School.
  • TWOAT supporters will be singing more Carols in the streets and pubs of Walton on December 20th. They will be meeting at the gate to St Peter’s Church at 6pm.
  • TWOAT’s Annual Quiz is planned for the evening of Saturday February 8th 2020 in Christchurch Hall.

For further information about TWOAT activities please visit our web site or contact Chair Mike Fox on 01737 350452.

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