Update on IVG’s Planning Application for proposed Retirement Village

Dear Residents,

Update from KRA Working Group on IVG’s Planning Application for the proposed Retirement Village

The KRA Working Group has had an extremely busy few months preparing the letter to R&BBC in response to the IVG Planning Application for the proposed Retirement Village.

Please click here to view the KRA letter, which was issued to R&BBC on 10 September. 

It is important that readers understand the basis upon which the KRA letter was written:-

  • The R&BBC Planners will address through due process the “Greenbelt” and “Employment” issues.
  • The Residents responses to the Questionnaire has directed the KRA response and we have set out the “view of the people” – e.g. the majority of residents are in favour of a retirement village development in preference to the current office use.
  • Any support we give to the Planning Application is “conditional” on IVG addressing satisfactorily the concerns of Residents and the Working Group as recorded in the letter.
  • There will be a legally binding agreement endorsed by L&G that will prevent in perpetuity any further development of the open land. This should be included in the R&BBC Section 106 Agreement, but in addition, we have requested a separate legally binding Contract (or covenant).

Since our last communication, we wanted to make Residents are aware of some of the further activities we have undertaken to inform the detailed content of this letter to R&BBC:-

On 12 July we distributed a questionnaire to over 1200 households (either electronically or hard copy by hand). We received 350 responses and these were fully analysed and considered by the Working Group as our aim was to represent the view of the residents in the letter.

On 26 July IVG submitted 2no. Planning Applications (19/01548/F for the proposed development and 19/01549/LBC for listed building consent).

On 30 July IVG invited all the KRA Committee members (which included Road Representatives) and working group to attend a presentation of the drawings/proposals submitted to R&BBC for Planning to inform us of the changes they had made following previous dialogue with KRA.

On 8 August the Working Group met to review the results of the Resident’s questionnaire and the IVG Planning submission. It was also important that we captured all Resident’s previous comments sent to our dedicated email, together with further comments from Residents on the submitted application. Subsequently, there has been dialogue between the Working Group and certain Residents who would be affected and we are brokering discussion with IVG to seek solutions to mitigate or reduce the impact.

However, the submission of the KRA letter is not the “end of the road” for the Working Group as we will continue to engage with IVG to close out the issues raised in the letter and seek resolution to each of these by way of either revisions to the Application or by agreement with IVG. We are also pressing IVG to progress the Contract/Covenant to prevent any future development on the greenbelt open land.

The consultation period is still open and therefore Residents are able to submit their views online directly to R&BBC Planning: Applications Ref 19/01548/F and 19/01549.

Also, if you wish to raise any further concerns to the KRA then please use the dedicated email KingswoodviewsonLnG@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Valerie Evans
(Chair, KRA)

Please reply to Valerie at kingswoodviewsonlng@gmail.com

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