Waterhouse Lane Trees, Daffodils and the Joan Spiers Walkway

February 2021:

The KRA was successful in obtaining funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy, for the purpose of planting trees. The area that was identified for this tree planting project is from the Village Hall going towards the A217, on the left-hand side, adjacent to the fields. This project was carried out at the end of January 2021. The tree stumps have been removed and the trees have been planted. There is a mixture of cherry trees and hawthorns for spring blossom, and acers for autumn colour. This area had previously been very neglected, with many hawthorn trees having fallen into the road over the past 10 years. In future years, this area should once again become a lovely tree-lined walkway. The remaining live hawthorn trees will have the ivy severed in order to try to preserve them and some dead hawthorn trees will be felled. Watering bags are to be added to provide the new trees with the best chance of survival through our dry summers.

Our thanks go to Cllr Caroline Neame for her sponsorship of this project. Reigate and Banstead Borough Council would like to posthumously dedicate the walkway to Cllr Joan Spiers, for her long service to the Council and the ward of Kingswood with Burgh Heath.

April 2021 Update:

The trees planted in Waterhouse Lane are now coming into bud. They have their watering bags attached and are being watered weekly. A watering rota is being set up with volunteers from the Kingswood community.

We are still waiting for Surrey County Council to fell the dead hawthorns, but hopefully they will get to Kingswood soon. The Ivy on the live hawthorns has been severed at the base and hopefully when Covid restrictions allow, we will be able to organise a village clean-up day to tackle the removal of the dead ivy and other jobs around the village. Our ambition is to continue with the tree planting down to the end of the strip adjacent to the fields.

Some residents have also expressed a desire to plant more spring bulbs under the new trees, such as daffodils and narcissus, as the KRA planted in the village a few years ago, which this year are looking particularly lovely.

Janine Connick
Vice Chair




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