KADDS – Amateur Dance & Drama

Drama in Kingswood has an outstanding reputation and a faithful following. At its inception in 1980, it functioned under the banner of the KVCA. This proved so successful that after ten years, a separate drama committee was formed, known as KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society) to continue the wide variety of productions, which included classical and modern drama, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, revues and Christmas shows.

100% of all profits are given to the KVCA for the upkeep of the hall, and this benefits Kingswood Village generally, by keeping the charges to other hall users as low as possible. In order to continue the high standard and variety of productions at KADDS, we welcome interest from the local community, not only on stage and backstage, but through our audiences. Attending our events is a most enjoyable way of supporting your village. It is an extremely friendly group which welcomes adults and children alike, so do take a minute to look at our forthcoming events.

We also advertise on the Amateur Dramatics Worldwide site.

For more information please contact Judy Parnall, Chairman, KADDS.

Why not join KADDS?

KADDS is a wonderful local drama group putting on shows to an excellent standard, and having fun in doing so. But we find ourselves relying on a smaller group of people to participate in the production of plays and shows, particularly behind the scenes, and we are keen to recruit more!

Each year we aim to put on three plays – during the February, May/June and October half-term breaks – plus Crackers, our pre-Christmas review. Each production is a separate entity and you can be involved in one, or as many as you wish. For each we hold auditions approximately three months prior to the performance, led by the Director, when the actors are chosen, and we decide on the Back Stage roles. Each production requires a Producer, Set Building and Stage Setting, Stage Manager, Prompt, Lighting, Costumes, Props and even someone to help with tea-making at rehearsals. You do not need to have had previous experience.

We are a very friendly group, and during the rehearsals and production it is a great deal of fun, culminating in the satisfaction and thrill of the Play itself. And always followed by a party!

If you have ever felt you would like to join in, be part of it and the camaraderie, then PLEASE CONTACT Judy Parnall.

Review of Alphabetical Order our Autumn 2023 Play

Entertaining Chaos!
Congratulations to William McKee for his excellent direction of Michael Frayn’s acclaimed comedy, Alphabetical Order, achieving great performances from all seven actors in KADDS end-October production at Kingswood Village Hall.
The compulsively tidy newcomer Lesley, played beautifully by Marion Barker, arrives for her first day into a shambolic 1970’s provincial newspaper library, with a mission to create order from chaos and to tidy up messy relationships.
The office messenger Geoffrey (Colin Edgerton) and the leader writer John (David Ames) delighted us with their wonderful characterisations, as did a newcomer to KADDS (Richard Wooderson) who played the lugubrious Arnold.
Audiences will recall Kate Strafford from her role in Blithe Spirit and it was a pleasure for us to see her again on stage, this time as the stressed but much-loved Lucy, in a huge role which demanded both her professional experience and her talent.
Debbie Nichols was invariably amusing as the features writer Nora, heaping praise on all and sundry, whilst swanning off from any useful work to chase the reluctant Arnold. The last arrival on stage was Wally, the joker of the pack, played by one of Kingswood’s much-loved actors, Dick Palmer. His fantasy of a forthcoming escape with Lucy never wavered, always thwarted by events.
None of this play could have happened without the phenomenal input of the producer Judy Parnall, who brought multi-tasking to new levels, ably assisted by the Stage Manager Ed Stonnard, technical set-up by David Ames, Assistant Director Angie Mathers and supported by small backstage and front-of-house teams.
The audience was transported back into the 1970s, not only by the total lack of office technology in Steve Kippen’s set, but also by costumes, make-up and hairstyles (Maggie Kippen and Suzanne Fridaye-McKee).
This was a wonderful KADDS production and I look forward to watching this talented group again.
Rosemary Neale

Forthcoming Events & Productions

Please see details of the forthcoming production of Alice in Wonderland running from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th February and involving several local young people and adults.

All tickets are available from www.ticketsource.co.uk/kadds and from Kingswood Village Store, Waterhouse Lane.