KADDS – Amateur Dance & Drama

By Judy Parnall, Chairman, KADDS

KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society)Drama in Kingswood has an outstanding reputation and a faithful following. At its inception in 1980, it functioned under the banner of the KVCA. This proved so successful that after ten years, a separate drama committee was formed, known as KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society) to continue the wide variety of productions, which included classical and modern drama, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, revues and Christmas shows.

100% of all profits are given to the KVCA for the upkeep of the hall, and this benefits Kingswood Village generally, by keeping the subscriptions of other hall users as low as possible. In order to continue the high standard and variety of productions at KADDS, we welcome interest from the local community, not only on stage and backstage, but through our audiences. Attending our events is a most enjoyable way of supporting your village. It is an extremely friendly group which welcomes adults and children alike, so do take a minute to look at our forthcoming events.

We also advertise on the Amateur Dramatics Worldwide site.

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Our most recent production

KADDS’ Spring production was reviewed by Mike Fox in June:

‘It is a long time since my wife and I laughed so much in a theatre as we did during the Kingswood Amateur Drama, Dance and Song’s production of The Weekend written by Michael Palin and directed by Colin Edgerton at the Kingswood Village Hall. The direction and the cast were all excellent especially Charlie Crowther-Smith who was hardly ever off stage in a very demanding lead role. Even Pippa, the incontinent dog, played by Bella (trained by Anne Thorn), performed flawlessly, although fortunately not being called upon to demonstrate her particular characteristic live on stage!’

Some cast members from left to right: Richard Palmer, Laura Worley, Mike Hill, Charlie Crowther-Smith, Rosie Akerman, Lesley Crowther-Smith and Geoff Thorn (concealed behind Lesley).

Forthcoming Events & Productions


People have a habit of dying at Jane and Andrew’s country house!
When their daughter Sally brings her new man, Geoff, home he mistakenly gets the idea that there is something more sinister than just mere accidents going on.
Confusion and hysteria result when the vicar passes away and Jane and Andrew try to remove the body. Events are further confused when Geoff’s parents arrive and are unaware that a body has been stowed in their car boot!

In December KADDS will be carol singing in the Waterhouse Café and there will be performances of the ever-popular Christmas Crackers.