KADDS – Amateur Dance & Drama

By Judy Parnall, Chairman, KADDS

KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society)Drama in Kingswood has an outstanding reputation and a faithful following. At its inception in 1980, it functioned under the banner of the KVCA. This proved so successful that after ten years, a separate drama committee was formed, known as KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society) to continue the wide variety of productions, which included classical and modern drama, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, revues and Christmas shows.

100% of all profits are given to the KVCA for the upkeep of the hall, and this benefits Kingswood Village generally, by keeping the subscriptions of other hall users as low as possible. In order to continue the high standard and variety of productions at KADDS, we welcome interest from the local community, not only on stage and backstage, but through our audiences. Attending our events is a most enjoyable way of supporting your village. It is an extremely friendly group which welcomes adults and children alike, so do take a minute to look at our forthcoming events.

We also advertise on the Amateur Dramatics Worldwide site.

For more information please contact Judy Parnall

Our most recent production

Our family play in February, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Gill Morrell, directed by Eileen Hannah, was a great success and received two very good reviews, one in the Surrey Mirror and one written by James Chatfield (see below).

The young cast as wicked weasels. Photo by Mike Hill

“KADDS brought a welcome touch of spring and summer to Kingswood in their highly successful production of the children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows, directed with charm and skill by Eileen Hannah and expertly produced by Jill Gunn. And rightly for a children’s classic, it was the children playing the Weasels, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Mice who put on the performance of their lives, delightful and entertaining, and obviously enjoying themselves. You would be hard put to it to single any of them out, so we’ve listed them all below; they were all brilliant, but the Chief Weasel, Ben Savage, deserves a special mention for his performance.

Andy Savage as Mole, Dick Palmer as Toad and Debbie Nichols as Ratty Photo by Mike Hill


We all know the story of Toad and his companions, and Toad’s love of cars that ends him up in prison, so the freshness and originality brought to the well-loved characters by the lead actors proved to be an acting masterclass: Mole, played by Andy Savage, Ratty by Debbie Nichols, Badger by Ed Stonard and of course Toad played by Dick Palmer. The supporting actors, Roger Strong, Mike Hill, Diana Hearn, and Julie and Lilly Palmer, were energetic and tireless in their enthusiasm. The costumes produced by Maggie Kippen and make-up by Janet Taylor and Rosie Akerman, and June Hart with the Props, made the animals and scenery truly come to life in front of us.

But how to create a world of steaming steam engines, pastoral English pastures, forbidding wintery woods, noisy hooting motor cars, a river bank complete with laid back punting (not as easy as it looks)? Then just ask Peter Dell and Bob Ebert who constructed and painted a stunning set, David Ames with just the right sound, lighting and effects, Jenny Alger and Bob Gunn to manage the stage for you, and you will be transported back to Edwardian England, on the cusp of the modern world (“If that is the future, the noisy motor car, give me the past!”).

Mice: Amelie Davison, Maja Dhanani & Fay Parsons
Hedgehogs: Nabeela Farid & Somer McDougall
Rabbits: Amy Kershaw, Miriam Farid & Tanush Shah
Weasels: James Kershaw & Vihaan Shah”

James Chatfield February 2018

Forthcoming Events & Productions

Auditions have now taken place and rehearsals are in progress for our Spring Play The Weekend written by Michael Palin, the well-known comedian, writer and traveller.

The Weekend is a very funny, dark comedy, about English family life, centred round a world-weary ‘Victor Meldrew’ figure.