KADDS – Amateur Dance & Drama

By Judy Parnall, Chairman, KADDS

KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society)Drama in Kingswood has an outstanding reputation and a faithful following. At its inception in 1980, it functioned under the banner of the KVCA. This proved so successful that after ten years, a separate drama committee was formed, known as KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society) to continue the wide variety of productions, which included classical and modern drama, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, revues and Christmas shows.

100% of all profits are given to the KVCA for the upkeep of the hall, and this benefits Kingswood Village generally, by keeping the subscriptions of other hall users as low as possible. In order to continue the high standard and variety of productions at KADDS, we welcome interest from the local community, not only on stage and backstage, but through our audiences. Attending our events is a most enjoyable way of supporting your village. It is an extremely friendly group which welcomes adults and children alike, so do take a minute to look at our forthcoming events.

We also advertise on the Amateur Dramatics Worldwide site.

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Why not join KADDS?

KADDS is a wonderful local drama group putting on shows to an excellent standard, and having fun in doing so. But we find ourselves relying on a smaller group of people to participate in the production of plays and shows, particularly behind the scenes, and we are keen to recruit more!

Each year we put on three entertainments – end February, end May and end October – plus Crackers, our pre-Christmas show. Each production is a separate entity and you can be involved in one, or as many as you wish. For each we hold auditions approximately three months prior to the performance, led by the Director, when the actors are chosen, and we decide on the Back Stage roles. Each production requires a Producer, Set Building and Stage Setting, Stage Manager, Prompt, Lighting, Costumes, Props and even someone to help with tea-making at rehearsals. You do not need to have had previous experience.

We are a very friendly group, and during the rehearsals and production it is a great deal of fun, culminating in the satisfaction and thrill of the Play itself. And always followed by a party!

If you have ever felt you would like to join in, be part of it and the camaraderie, then


We can chat over a coffee, tell you more and hopefully entice you to come to one of the next Auditions (see below)

Revue of our May play Rumours

KADDS spring production in Kingswood Village Hall was Rumours, a fast-moving comedy by Neil Simon. Their previous production had been a black farce with increasingly desperate attempts to conceal an ever-growing pile of dead bodies.

Rumours had a similar theme with guests arriving at a smart dinner party successively getting sucked into attempts by means of fanciful stories to conceal the fact that their host had apparently just attempted unsuccessfully to shoot himself. Meanwhile the hostess was nowhere to be found.

The Rumours in question were stories that some of the guests had heard about the hostess possibly having an affair which might explain the suicide attempt. Some of the characters involved either occupied or were seeking public office and were concerned about the impact of any scandal on their prospects – this rather echoed the current situation in Westminster.

The cast adroitly handled a confusing array of similar names – Len, Glenn, Ken etc. either for those who were present or subjects of the rumours. The action culminated in a remarkable long solo speech by Steve Bonnett, playing Len, which attempted to link all the improbable stories and for which he earned a deserved round of applause. There were a good number of comic moments and the director William McKee and the whole cast maintained a sharp pace throughout the evening.

Mike Fox

Forthcoming Events & Productions


A comedy by Simon Brett

Directed by Lesley Crowther-Smith, the play will be performed on 31st October, 1st and 2nd November this year.

And in February 2020 we will be presenting:

The Snow Queen

Directed by Eileen Hannah

Auditions for adults and children Saturday 26th October 2019 starting at 2.30pm

To be performed from Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd February 2020

Do put these dates in your diary and come to your local KADDS drama group’s entertaining offerings right on your doorstep in Kingswood.