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Drama in Kingswood has an outstanding reputation and a faithful following. At its inception in 1980, it functioned under the banner of the KVCA. This proved so successful that after ten years, a separate drama committee was formed, known as KADDS (Kingswood Amateur Drama and Dance Society) to continue the wide variety of productions, which included classical and modern drama, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, revues and Christmas shows.

100% of all profits are given to the KVCA for the upkeep of the hall, and this benefits Kingswood Village generally, by keeping the subscriptions of other hall users as low as possible. In order to continue the high standard and variety of productions at KADDS, we welcome interest from the local community, not only on stage and backstage, but through our audiences. Attending our events is a most enjoyable way of supporting your village. It is an extremely friendly group which welcomes adults and children alike, so do take a minute to look at our forthcoming events.

We also advertise on the Amateur Dramatics Worldwide site.

For more information please contact Judy Parnall, Chairman, KADDS.


Why not join KADDS?

KADDS is a wonderful local drama group putting on shows to an excellent standard, and having fun in doing so. But we find ourselves relying on a smaller group of people to participate in the production of plays and shows, particularly behind the scenes, and we are keen to recruit more!

Each year we put on three entertainments – end February, end May and end October – plus Crackers, our pre-Christmas show. Each production is a separate entity and you can be involved in one, or as many as you wish. For each we hold auditions approximately three months prior to the performance, led by the Director, when the actors are chosen, and we decide on the Back Stage roles. Each production requires a Producer, Set Building and Stage Setting, Stage Manager, Prompt, Lighting, Costumes, Props and even someone to help with tea-making at rehearsals. You do not need to have had previous experience.

We are a very friendly group, and during the rehearsals and production it is a great deal of fun, culminating in the satisfaction and thrill of the Play itself. And always followed by a party!

If you have ever felt you would like to join in, be part of it and the camaraderie, then PLEASE CONTACT Judy Parnall.

The Snow Queen’s Icy Blast – Review by Derek Mathers

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale has been brought back to life in KADDS’ beautifully-costumed production under the careful direction of Eileen Hannah, ably assisted by Rowan Brown. Audiences at the Kingswood Village Hall last week were transported from our soggy winter to a land of ice and snow – and one of icy hearts.

Gerda (played movingly by Maisie Banham, a remarkable ten-year old) is on a dangerous quest where she must show great bravery to rescue her best friend Kai. Kai’s character has been transformed by the Snow Queen (a chilling Julie Palmer), rendering him cold and angry. The changing character of Kai (Tanush Shah) is portrayed perfectly, as he becomes caught up in her spell and abducted to the freezing north. An Old Troll (Ed Stonard) narrates the tale. Gerda’s determination to rescue Kai from the splendidly wicked Queen takes her on a magical adventure. A helpful pair of Crows (Debbie Nichols and Anne Batcheler) and a Reindeer (Andy Savage), a Princess (Susan Marinakis), her Prince and all manner of other characters are charmed by her innocence, and they guide Gerda through palaces and forests. She must overcome entrapment by an Enchantress (Rachael Nicholson) and fight evil itself if she is ever to succeed in returning Kai to his kindly Grandmother.

Incompetent young Soldiers (Ben Preston and Callum Robinson) bring moments of humour, as they are held in check by their Sergeant (Ben Savage). Wildly enthusiastic children flood the stage at every opportunity, including tiny naughty Trolls, River Sprites, Robbers, Ice Attendants and other creatures, all brimming with confidence. A vibrant little Robber Girl (Sienna Vandrau) becomes Gerda’s friend. There were some stellar performances. It is often said “Never work with children or animals on stage” but this production proved the contrary.

Other members of the excellent cast were: Children: Asha Batcheler, Martha Brown, Amelie Davison, Lucia Fannin, Toby Fannin, Somer McDougall, Joshua Ruddmore, Rowan Ruddmore, Vihaan Shah. Adults: Jenny Alger (Grandmother and Old Hag), Diana Hearn (Finn Woman), Angie Mathers (Lapp Woman).

The producer, Jill Gunn, brought together a backstage team who ensured that everything flowed seamlessly. Exquisite costumes (Maggie Kippen) and make-up (Janet Taylor and Lillie Mizom-Clarke), with imaginative props (Colin Palmer) added to the winter wonderland set which had been created by Peter Dell and Bob Ebert. The sound and lighting by David Ames added a perfect touch of atmosphere, transforming an ordinary village hall into a palace of enchantment.

Forthcoming Events & Productions

KADDS Spring Play postponed

With regret KADDS has made the decision to postpone the May play: Old Actors Never Die…they simply lose the plot

for the time being, due to COVID 19 and resulting government restrictions.

We hope to be able to resurrect the play later in the year, as long as we can find the plot again, so do watch this space!

Georgie Lucas, Producer

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