Platinum Jubilee 2022

King George VI died on 6th February 1952 and his daughter Elizabeth became queen of seven independent commonwealth countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon. The coronation was held a year later on the 2nd June 1953.

Kingswood is, with the entire nation, celebrating the Queen’s amazing 70 years on the throne over a double bank holiday weekend, marking the Jubilee from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, when the Palace is asking communities throughout Britain to join together for a special Jubilee Lunch. Our Street Party will take place in Waterhouse Lane on Sunday 5th. We expect this to be an occasion to remember for many, many years to come.

The Street Party and the Jubilee Exhibition will be the culmination of four days of celebrations in Kingswood. Each day, activities have been planned that will give us all the opportunity to meet new friends and neighbours, to find out more about the area in which we live, and to grow as a community.

Some events have a small charge to cover costs and to allow us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Unless otherwise mentioned below, all money raised will go to local charities: the NSPCC and The Children’s Trust at Tadworth Court.

By the time the Jubilee weekend arrives so many people will have been involved in making all of this possible; from those running each of the various events to those who will be helping with the many practicalities of the Street Party, and the local businesses who have kindly donated prizes. At the time of writing not all these names are known but we will mention them on the day and subsequently in print. To all those who are helping, and to all who will help, we say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

Thursday 2nd June – Sunday 5th June 2022

Events that took place around the weekend were as follows:-

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