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Brief history of the NSPCC

Photography by Tom Hull. Child is a model

In 1884 Lord Shaftesbury, Reverend Edward Rudolf and Reverend Benjamin Waugh founded the London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (LSPCC).

Parliament passed the first UK law to protect children from abuse and neglect in 1889. The London SPCC was renamed the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children in 1889 as by then it had branches across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Benjamin Waugh was the NSPCC’s first Director.

In 1895 the NSPCC was granted a Royal Charter when Queen Victoria became its first patron.

Queen Elizabeth II has been patron of the NSPCC for over 60 years.

Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex has been president of the NSPCC since 2012.

The NSPCC has worked throughout the UK and Northern Ireland for over 130 years to protect children from harm and prevent them being abused.

Kingswood District

The Kingswood District was founded in 1935 and subsequently joined the South and East Surrey Branch.

The Kingswood Committee really became more active after World War II when Norris McWhirter (Guinness Book of Records) was Branch Chairman and his wife was Kingswood Secretary.

Angie Peters became Chairman in 1986 and then Branch Chairman in 2003 and during this time, Kingswood have raised over £1 million. Over the course of 130 years South East Surrey has raised in the region of £2¼ million. Making us the third biggest fund raising area in the UK.

Angie Peters stepped down as Chairman in June 2017 and handed over to Lori Kerr. Angie wishes her every success in her role as Chairman of Kingswood NSPCC.

Kingswood Committee

The Committee consists of :

Chairman: Lori Kerr
Vice Chairman: Susan Morris
Treasurer: Jackie Ross
Secretary: Janine Yiannakis
200 Club: Carolyn Barke

Angie Peters, Janine Long, Gill Talpade

Kingswood is very lucky to have a committed and enthusiastic committee who meet around once a month to organise fundraising events throughout the year including Quiz nights in the Village Hall, Tennis Tournaments at Kingswood Tennis Club, Ladies Lunches and Balls at the Royal Automobile Club.

Kingswood is blessed with large numbers of very generous supporters, whom we are so grateful for and hugely appreciate their kindness.

Please contact Chairman Lori Kerr for more information.

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