Kingswood Safety Net – 2.6 Challenge

Kingswood Safety Net Volunteers are doing The 2.6 Challenge! This Sunday Volunteers who are part of the Kingswood Safety Net during the coronavirus lockdown will be walking every road in Kingswood as a reminder that we want everyone in our village to feel that, should they need it, there is somewhere they can turn for […] Continue reading →

Avoiding Fraud and Scams

A message from local Trading Standards Good morning At a time when community spirit is needed to help out the more vulnerable in our society, unscrupulous people are responding by finding fresh ways to defraud people. We are writing, regarding Coronavirus cons, to residents who we are aware have circumstances that make them vulnerable to […] Continue reading →

Nuisance Bonfires

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the majority of residents for refraining from having bonfires at this critical time, when a lot of people are at home and in a lot of cases only have access to their own gardens or open windows for fresh air. I appreciate that we all have a […] Continue reading →