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Dear resident,

As you will be aware, Legal & General has invited IVG Ltd to redevelop their Kingswood site as a retirement village. This will be the largest and most important development scheme which Kingswood has seen since the construction of the L&G building itself and it will undoubtedly have an impact on everyone living in the village. The developer must embark on discussions with the Council to address the planning issues involved, but the KRA in coordination with the KVCA, has also begun discussions with the developer to ensure that the scheme is designed and operated as sympathetically as possible within the existing village community and that any disruption caused during the construction period is kept to an absolute minimum. To this end we have formed an L&G working party to meet with IVG on a regular basis to set out our requirements on behalf of residents and negotiate the best terms we can with the developer.

This will be a major task for us and we would therefore welcome your support. We believe that it is essential that residents are kept informed as negotiations progress and that they should have a continuing opportunity to register their comments at any time. If you are not already a KRA member, can I therefore urge you to join our number to enable us to provide the strongest possible support for our arguments and so that we can most easily keep you informed? This is a situation where there is definitely strength in numbers. To become a member of the KRA, please click here..

IVG will be holding a Public Consultation by way of an exhibition at Kingswood House on 17 / 18 May and I would encourage all residents to view their current proposals. In order to capture all residents’ comments and observations (even if you choose not to become a member) please share your views at We will record your comments and raise these with IVG as the negotiations progress.

We believe that this scheme has potential challenges as well as potential benefits to enhance the village; but to achieve the best outcome will require a great deal of work and good support from residents. Thank you in anticipation.

Valerie Evans, Chair KRA.

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